2019-01-10 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Ret. Sgt. John Walker

Well, I am sitting here on Monday morning the 7th with proof when looking out the window that our winter is not really over yet. With the weather we have had the last week or so, one could always hope but then again we do live up here in the U.P. In thinking back I cannot recall ever seeing it where the grass around the yard was 100 percent with no snow except where it was totally out of the sun. But now if Mother Nature tries to make up for the weather we have enjoyed, it could make for a long January and February.

All you that have read my article through the years already know there are times I have to sit back and scratch my head and wonder just how many years of college you have to have to get some jobs. Once again last week the “exspurts” managed to once again prove my point that some people never stop and think before they do or say something. With this in mind the one person I feel sorry for is the TV weathermen up here in the U.P. sitting between the big lakes trying to make an accurate weather forecast. There has to be a thin red line between what it is supposed to do and what it ends of deciding to do. Like calling for 3-5 inches of snow in your forecast then by morning there is already a foot on the ground and still snowing.

As I sit here looking out at the weather like what is out there right now I think of that old saying, “Rain, snow, or sleet, the mail must go through”. It would be bad enough when you have to drive in weather like this but to have to walk and deliver mail has to be a real bummer. The worst part of having to deliver mail on a day like today is if most of the mail coming to other houses is the same as mine it is 99.9 percent junk mail that I do not even open but file it right over into my file-13 to be burned later. I asked once last winter when we were going through a real bad cold snap if there is ever a time when it is decided that the weather is just too bad to even try to deliver the mail. I was told basically, “You have to be kidding! Do you know how many people get upset if the mail is not delivered every day!”

So with this in mind maybe it would be a good time to employ the sayings: “Maybe it would help if you walked in someone else’s shoes (or should I say boots) for a while”, or “Put yourself in their place for a while and think how you would react if it was you in their place.”

One of the reasons I hope winter gets back to normal is that if you have any apple or other fruit trees you want winter to be winter until the real spring break up gets here. If you recall a number of years back we had a crazy winter where in February we got spring like weather. When something like this happens a lot of the fruit trees felt, “O’goody spring is here” so they woke up and started to bud out. Then to their surprise winter was not over and came back and froze a lot of the buds and some of the trees never recovered.

As Wifee always informs me when I say something about the weather, there are supposed to be the four seasons of the year, summer, fall, winter, and spring and there is a reason for this.

But you do have to admit after what we saw the first part of November and now seeing we are a week in the New Year it sure has to be a plus for the wildlife after what we were thinking with all those early snows.

There were and are a number of ice fishermen trying their luck out on the lakes and they are or were even catching a few fish. With the strong S/W wind we had with this snow if their fishing shanty was not tied down they all may now be located up on the N/E corner of the lake.

I assume with all the special sale flyers I am getting from all the sporting goods stores that just maybe there were a few left over items from the Christmas season. With this taking place I have always wondered what the difference is between a sale, than a “really good sale”, than a “really-really good sale” then a “last chance sale” is? Or if a big yellow clearance sign is even better?

My only problem is with all these choices when do you make your move and go buy something you really do not need to place on that shelf in the garage where all those other good deals are collecting dust? Of course I am sure I am the only hunter-fisherman that ever did this!

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