2014-03-12 / News

MITA: One in 8 Michigan bridges in poor condition

Billboard campaign to address the issue

OKEMOS, Mich. – Starting this week at billboard locations throughout the state, Michigan drivers and their state legislators will be reminded about the poor condition of Michigan’s bridges.

The message: “Warning: 1 in 8 MI Bridges are in Poor Condition. How Many Have You Crossed?,” will appear on billboards on I-96 near Wixom and Pinckney roads; U.S. 23 near Ann Arbor; I-75 north of Detroit; I-69 and Royston Road in the Lansing area; and at a location in the Grand Rapids area.

The campaign is being sponsored by the Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association, a leading advocate for increased state infrastructure funding.

“According to Governor Snyder’s Infrastructure Dashboard, approximately 1,289 bridges, or about 13 percent of Michigan’s bridges are structurally deficient,” said Mike Nystrom, executive vice president of MITA. “Those figures make it very obvious that chances are if you drive over or under eight bridges or more, one of them will be structurally deficient. And, if nothing is done, chances are that one day one of those bridges could be closed to traffic; or, worse yet, collapse.”

Nystrom said it is important that this message be reinforced with the public and legislators, who are very familiar with potholes on deteriorated roads, but may not be aware that Michigan’s bridges are also crumbling because of a lack of adequate investment.

“The condition of our bridges will head in the wrong direction until the state Legislature approves a long-term, annual source of funding, which currently is estimated at $2 billion a year in additional funding,” Nystrom said.

“We can’t wait any longer. The condition of Michigan’s roads and bridges is a direct result of inaction by our elected officials in Lansing. The citizens of Michigan deserve better.”

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