2013-11-28 / Community

Gifts to prevent disaster

LANSING – The Michigan State Police, Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division has developed a list containing five great emergency preparedness gift ideas for those kicking off the shopping season this holiday weekend.

Preparedness items make terrific gifts and stocking stuffers by providing a peace of mind knowing loved ones are ready for an emergency, such as losing power for days or being stranded in a vehicle during a snowstorm. In addition, preparedness gifts serve as a reminder to make preparedness a priority.

Five preparedness gift ideas:

1. Emergency preparedness kits for home, car and office (food, water, first aid kit, flashlight and batteries, extra clothing and blanket).

2. NOAA weather radio, either hand-crank or battery-operated.

3. Hand-crank flashlight for home, car and office.

4. Pet disaster kit (food, water, leash, dishes, ID tag and carrying case or crate).

5. Hand-crank cell phone charger.

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