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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

This letter is in response to this week’s comments from a Mr. Rey on the Schoolcraft County Medical Care Facility millage vote.

Well, after reading the “letter to the editor”, I am angry ... but mostly sad and disappointed. Apparently, all the people that work day in and day out at the facility are just there for the paycheck. Well, excuse me, but I don’t do what I do for the paycheck. If I wanted to, I could find another job that probably paid more for working less. I guess you might not realize the backbreaking and heartbreaking work it is unless you do it. I’ve only been at the MCF since December and I absolutely love my job and adore my residents. They really are like a second family. Working at the MCF requires a lot more than just the skill. It requires the heart. The job is not for everyone, but it is for me.

I hopefully never have to put my parents or grandparents in a nursing home, but if I knew they’d be getting the care I give, the care us workers give. I would be at peace with them being up there. The MCF isn’t just another building, it’s the place that these elders call ‘home.’ Everyone works very hard at their job.

I wish all of these people that say the negative things they say would get a chance at just one eight hour shift at the facility. I’d like you to do what me and the other workers do. I think you’d have a change in your mentality. The facility needs to remain open, of course for the 120 plus jobs that are at stake ... but what about all of the elders that reside there? Sure, maybe you don’t have someone you know in there right now, but someday, most likely, you or someone close to you will have to go there.

Well, that is enough of a rant for now. This just makes me want to cry! Everyone, please think carefully before you vote, and realize who you’re voting for. You’re not voting for me. You’re not voting for a city business. You’re voting for a potential 80 people’s home.

Chelsea Wood


Dear Editor,

I just read about the new “scanner” that Schoolcraft County is interested in purchasing. $7,000 is not a bad price for a device that cost over $100,000. But you left out a lot of common sense.

1. Privacy is an individual right; the government got rid of them ’cause it invaded a person’s privacy. Does that mean the folks of Schoolcraft have no privacy rights, ’cause we are getting a deal.

2. It will take at least 3 plus people to run this device from the time the courthouse opens ’til it closes. Now figure that it will cost about (min) $75,000 in wages for the three people who run it. Also, what about health benefits and 401K for these employees.

3. Everyone including employees will have to be scanned before going to work, that means everyone will have to show up early so they can get scanned before starting time. No one will be exempt, even if you go out to lunch, you will be scanned when coming back.

4. We have a great sheriff department right next door to the courthouse with easy access to the courts. You would have to have many of these scanners to cover every entrance/hallway to the building. Unless we barricade the hallways and only have one walkway to and from the court room with fences and barb wire and scanner and everyone else can go where they want.

5. Will the state pay their share since the scanner will be checking folks getting tags and licenses?

6. Now, the jail, that could use one and I have no problem with the sheriff and jail getting one.

Thank you,

Rex H. Slingsby


Dear Editor,

This letter is in response to the letter from G.J. Rey.

My family would like to express our deepest gratitude for the Schoolcraft MCF. My mother rehabilitated two separate times after amputation and a fracture. She received wonderful care each time. The staff were attentive always checking on her making sure all of her needs were met. I never once saw a “dead beat” worker up there. They are all hard working, caring, wonderful people.

The staff treated her like family. She always had great activities to get involved in like bingo, arts and crafts, baking, reading group and church services. The therapy department was awesome, allowing her to get stronger and able to return to her own home. The food was really good as well.

If there ever comes a time where she or any other family member needs the services of Schoolcraft MCF, I hope it’s still available.

I don’t think people realize how big of an asset it is to our community. I do, because our family lived it first hand. I would strongly recommend Schoolcraft MCF. Everyone needs to think, “If you ever need to place a loved one in a nursing home do you want them near to you or 50 miles away?

Brenda Price


Dear Editor,

The debate on whether to allow licensed carry individuals to enter various facilities, including our schools, carrying a concealed weapon is going on all over the country. And, of course, liberal thought says the best solution to this problem is to restrict this activity because it feels good or feels right to do it. But I have to ask, on what do they base their opinion? Are they relying on their past experience?

I have met our Superintendent and she seems like a very fine person but when she makes quotes in the paper like “it should be a nobrainer”… does she really know what she is talking about? On what is she basing her opinion? Has she ever carried a personal weapon? Has Manistique H.S. ever had to order a lockdown because someone was seen carrying? Has she sat down with our local or state law enforcement officials to discuss this matter? Does she fully understand the criminal element in society as well as those who are mentally disturbed? Has she given serious thought to the fact that if a serious gun situation did occur at one of our schools, did the perpetrator actually know he or she had nothing to fear at that location because it was designated a gunfree zone?

I personally carried my sidearm on and off duty for over 30 years – sometimes more than one gun at a time – and I have never had to fire my weapon, although I was involved in well over 300 raids and arrests in my career. Yes, I was specially trained but that special training does not alter the fact that our current laws requiring a person to obtain a permit are infallible and inept. I personally obtained my CCW in Manistique and the folks running that program do an outstanding job.

What is the real argument here? Are we talking about “open” carry which causes automatic lockdowns in schools? Maybe that law needs to be revisited instead of arbitrarily restricting the whole thing.

“Concealed carry” means just that. A weapon should be concealed or hidden from view but immediately available for use, if necessary. In law enforcement, we learn that concealed weapons restrict the “bad guy” from seeing it and possibly seizing it for his own use. We taught our people the concealed handgun was the very best weapon we could provide them for defense against “an unexpected attack”.

We all want our kids to be safe from undue harm. Why then should there be such a controversy over what really seems to be a “no brainer”?

Phil Krumm

Johannesburg, Michigan

Dear Editor,

Since I have a concealed weapons permit, I take personal exception to your front page article on the weapons law. Like a lot of government officials in Schoolcraft County, we now have the superintendent of our schools making up her personal interpretation of the law. The list does not include public schools.

In my opinion this is nothing more than a fraudulent attempt to collect more millage for schools, and a scare tactic to intimidate people that don’t know the difference.


Alfred Burns


Dear Editor,

I have read many complaints and rebuttals but this G.J. Rey got to me. Maybe G.J. Rey is a rich man who has his own medical program that will treat him like royalty. But many of us old folks are not that well off.

MCF does more then take care of old folks, it helps folks young and old that have had surgery and need time and help recovering they can’t get at home.

Lots of people who work there will lose their jobs. They contribute to the welfare of Schoolcraft by living and working in S.C. My wife and I moved to Schoolcraft ’cause it had a hospital and a place we could recoup at if needed. G.J. does not care about anyone but what cost him out of his pocket.

We have lost enough business in Schoolcraft area, we need to keep Manistique Medical Care Facility, the employees and all they give back to the city and county.

The man who ran it into the hole is now running another home in Marquette. You want to be upset about something, find out how he got the job.

You have the S.C. commissioners and Keith Aldrich and two other board members running it now, and they will make it a good place to go to if and when needed.

Judith L. Slingsby


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