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Jest for Fun

Lois A. Corcoran Lois A. Corcoran Life is like TV. Our channels” feature jobs and countless other obligations, with loads of commercial” distractions thrown in for good measure. The only difference is there’s no off” button.

Frankly, I could use holiday from it all. According to experts, there’s a way to escape that requires neither drugs nor pricey airline tickets. In fact, proponents say it reduces high blood pressure, helps you sleep, and even improves your love life.

Thus, I’ve been looking into meditation. I’m not seeking Tibetan Monk status here, just a little inner peace. It is perhaps ironic that to research this quest, I turned to the biggest

Tons of sites are devoted to meditation. Most of these offer a tip or two, but seem far more interested in selling their high-priced audio CDs.

I sidestepped these till I came to How To Meditate Dot Org. Sort of a “Meditation for Dummies,” I found the site full of advice for newbies like me.

First, it recommends finding a quiet place. This can be a challenge regardless of the season. You just get settled when some wise guy revs up his lawn mower or snow blower, or the street sweeper takes up residency out front. So one might invest in some ear plugs.

With them firmly in place, we are advised to sit any way that’s comfortable, meaning we can dispense with that tangled up Lotus position. We must keep our back straight, however, which is no small feat for yours truly.

Next, it advises us to close our eyes, though it’s hard to do that and still read the instructions on the computer screen.

Last, we focus entirely on our breathing. We’re told to “concentrate on it to the exclusion of everything else,” including the phone, doorbell, and computer voice announcing we’ve got mail.

One could also imagine peaceful scenes, like the grassy meadow on the screen of that well-known computer operating system. If that reminds you of the trouble you experienced with said operating system, however, your relaxed state may fly out the window.

Another tool of hard-core meditators is the mantra. This is a word or phrase you repeat to help you reach the desired state of consciousness. Four letter words are discouraged.

Armed with this knowledge, I plan to give meditation a try. And turn off that inner TV.

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