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Schools receive iPads

Technology aims to boost class experience, assist special needs

MANISTIQUE – Select students of both Manistique Middle and High School and Emerald Elementary will now have access to iPad HD tablets. The small, portable computers will be integrated into the classroom in order to promote academic growth.

In a press release from Emerald Elementary, Principal Erik Mason explains their new shipment of iPads will be used exclusively in third grade classrooms. Each student in the two classrooms will have their own iPad to work with during the day.

“This one-to-one iPad initiative was created and implemented to prepare students and teachers for future online learning opportunities and assessments,” Mason stated. “The iPad will be used as an everyday tool to assist with hands-on experiences, virtual tours, math, reading, and writing skills, in addition to exposure to typing and online assessments.”

According to Mason, the third grade class was selected for good reason.

“Future assessments will be online and will start in third grade,” he said. “This is a perfect time to get students and the teachers in third grade accustomed to keyboarding and online test taking.

“Therefore the third grade teachers will have the experience when the assessments do take place and they can also offer professional development for other staff members throughout the year,” he added.

In a separate news release, Manistique Middle and

High School Principal John Shiner announced the introduction of 60 iPads into classrooms at the school.

“In meeting the educational needs of the students, these devices will have two primary functions,” Shiner stated. “Of critical importance is closing the educational gap in both math and English language arts … additionally, the iPads will be used in the general population.”

As part of the school’s Multitiered System of Support, middle school students with specifically identified needs will receive math and English interventions through applications on the iPads, Shiner added.

Students will be able to use the devices to complete online projects and multi-media projects. Other uses for the iPads include the use of presentation software, podcasts, information visualization tools and academic games.

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